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Registration Name
Company Name
TL 1004 ABB Power Electronics Inc ABB Electrification Products - Embedded and DC Power Systems
TL 1019 Corning Optical Communications Corning, Inc.
TL 1022 Adtran, Inc. ADTRAN, Inc.
TL 1030 Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. Fujitsu
TL 1123 Telamon Technologies Corporation Telamon Technologies Corporation
TL 1133 OFS Fitel, LLC OFS Fitel, LLC
TL 1140 Superior Essex Brownwood Plant Superior Essex International LP
TL 1141 Superior Essex Hoisington Plant Superior Essex International LP
TL 1187 Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp
TL 1193 Nokia Solutions and Networks NOKIA
TL 1220 Ivy Technology LLC Ivy Technology LLC
TL 1272 Oracle Oracle
TL 1302 Telect, Inc Telect, Inc.
TL 1357 Prysmian Cables and Systems USA, LLC Prysmian Cables and Systems, Inc.
TL 1365 Westell, Inc. Westell, Inc.
TL 1387 Flextronics Flextronics
TL 1388 Charles Industries Charles Industries
TL 1393 UNICOM Engineering Inc. UNICOM Engineering Inc.
TL 1396 Lumentum Operations LLC Lumentum Operations LLC
TL 1424 Ribbon Communications Ribbon Communications Inc.
TL 1425 Vertiv Corporation Vertiv
TL 1445 Corning Optical Fiber - HQ Corning, Inc.
TL 1531 CIENA Corporation Ciena Corporation
TL 1786 COMMSCOPE CommScope
TL 1950 Group O Marketing Solutions Group O Marketing Solutions
TL 2254 Applied Computer Solutions Applied Computer Solutions
TL 2279 Communications Test Design, Inc. (CTDI) Communications Test Design (CTDI)
TL 2345 Exeltech Exeltech
TL 2670 Jabil Circuit, San Jose California Jabil Circuit Inc
TL 3084 Sanmina Corporation Sanmina
TL 3144 Diversitec LLC Diversitec LLC
TL 3314 Goodman Telecom Services, LLC Goodman Telecom Services, LLC.
TL 3333 Westek Electronics, Inc. Westek Electronics
TL 3376 Comtech Telecommunications Corporation, Safety & Security Technologies (SST) Comtech Telecommunications Corp
TL 3378 Professional Teleconcepts, LLC Professional Teleconcepts, LLC
TL 3428 Juniper Networks, Inc. Juniper Networks, Inc.
TL 3463 Cisco Systems Cisco Systems
TL 3759 UT Dallas - QuEST Forum Information System University of Texas at Dallas
TL 3862 Power & Telephone Supply Company Power & Telephone Supply Company
TL 3913 Glow Networks, Inc. Glow Networks, Inc.
TL 4055 Telecom Technicians, Inc. Telecom Technicians, Inc.
TL 4286 KGP Telecommunications, Inc. KGPCo
TL 4342 Metal-Tech Partners Metal-Tech Partners
TL 4351 Amphenol Custom Cable Amphenol Custom Cable
TL 4420 EnerSys EnerSys
TL 4500 Link America, LLC. Link America, LLC
TL 4528 Shields Environmental Inc. Shields Environmental Inc.
TL 4556 Diamond P Enterprises, Inc. Diamond P Enterprises, Inc.
TL 4854 CBMA CBM of America, LLC.
TL 4941 ADVA Optical Networking ADVA Optical Networking
TL 4947 Palco Telecom Service, Inc. PALCO Telecom Service, Inc.
TL 5136 C&D Technologies Attica C&D Technologies Attica
TL 5178 Teltech Group Teltech Group
TL 5184 Berk-Tek, A Leviton Company, Fiber Optics Division Berk-Tek, A Leviton Company, FIber Optics
TL 5307 Trillion Communications Corporation Trillion Communications Corporation
TL 5501 Canoga Perkins Canoga Perkins
TL 5575 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
TL 5580 Sector Supply LC Sector Supply, LC
TL 5718 Cherokee Nation Telecommunications Cherokee Nation Industries, LLC dba Cherokee Nation Telecommunications
TL 5787 Purcell Systems Purcell Systems, Inc
TL 5795 Tii Technologies Inc. Tii Technologies Inc.
TL 5820 Increditek INCREDITEK
TL 5837 AFL Telecommunications, LLC AFL Telecommunications LLC.
TL 5978 Contec Holdings, LLC Contec Holdings, LLC
TL 6039 Advanced Communication Equipment, Inc.(ADV Telecom,Inc.) ADV Telecom Inc
TL 6196 Chicago Tech, Inc. Chicago Tech, Inc.
TL 6197 Worldwide Supply, LLC Worldwide Supply, LLC.
TL 6248 Gaw Associates, Inc. Gaw Associates, Inc.
TL 6249 Vetco Solutions Vetco Solutions
TL 6269 Infinera Corporation Infinera Corporation
TL 6321 Universal Network Development Corporation Universal Network Development Corp
TL 6334 Telecom Network Supply, Inc. Telecom Network Supply, Inc.
TL 6335 West World Telecom Corporation West World Telecom Corporation
TL 6339 PPC Broadband Inc PPC Broadband, Inc
TL 6344 Carrier Services Group, Inc. Carrier Services Group, Inc.
TL 6354 FedEx Supply Chain Logistics & Electronics, Inc. FedEx Supply Chain
TL 6448 NCR Corporation NCR Services
TL 6451 QuadGen Wireless Solutions Inc. QuadGen Wireless Solutions Inc.
TL 6461 Strategic Telecom Supply and Solutions Strategic Telecom Supply & Solutions, LLC
TL 6462 Infinite Convergence Solutions Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc
TL 6492 GXO Logistics, Inc. GXO Logistics, Inc.
TL 6500 Superior Communications Superior Communcations
TL 6518 Hewlett-Packard Company Hewlett Packard Enterprise
TL 6524 Diversified Wire & Cable Diversified Wire & Cable
TL 6531 Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC.
TL 6575 TESSCO Technologies TESSCO Technologies
TL 6582 Calix, Inc. Calix, Inc.
TL 6614 OFS Fitel, LLC - Optical Connectivity Solutions OFS Fitel, LLC
TL 6620 Tempest Telecom Solutions Tempest Telecom Solutions LLC
TL 6644 Sagent Sagent
TL 6672 Cyient Limited Cyient Limited
TL 6693 Mavenir Mavenir Systems, Inc.
TL 6705 Viavi Solutions Registration Viavi Solutions
TL 6706 Commdex LLC Commdex LLC
TL 6732 Samsung Electronics America Mobile Production Center Samsung Electronics
TL 6742 OpTech Enterprise Solutions LLC OpTech Enterprise Solutions, LLC
TL 6746 Trilogy Communications, Inc. Trilogy Communications, Inc.
TL 6753 PPC Broadband Inc. - Shawnee PPC Broadband Inc. - Shawnee
TL 6766 Bell Enterprise Bell Enterprise
TL 6769 Axcent Networks Axcent Networks, Inc.
TL 6781 PC Specialists, Inc. dba Technology Integration Group PC Specialists, Inc. dba Technology Integration Group
TL 6783 Dura-Line Corp. Dura-line Inc
TL 6797 Kyocera International, Inc. KYOCERA International, Inc. - Communications Equipment Group
TL 6816 KCI Telecommunications, LLC KCI Telecommunications, LLC
TL 6821 Sity Communications, Inc. Sity Communications, Inc.
TL 6869 Tellabs Tellabs
TL 6934 Fortress Solutions Fortress Solutions
TL 6935 Contec Contec Holdings, LLC
TL 6973 PureWRX PureWRX, Inc.
TL 7035 Celestica Alburtis Celestica International LP
TL 7114 TL 9000 Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.
TL 7134 Raycap, Inc. Raycap, Inc.
TL 7157 The IT Architect Corporation The IT Architect Corp
TL 7185 eNetwork Supply eNetwork Supply
TL 7201 Corning Optical Fiber and Cable Corning, Inc.
TL 7202 Zurich Technology Solutions Zurich Technology Solutions
TL 7239 ZT Systems ZT Systems
TL 7317 CoreLinc, LLC CoreLinc, LLC
TL 7329 Spectra Services Inc. Spectra Services, Inc.
TL 7366 Inteliquent, Inc. Inteliquent
TL 7388 Encore Repair Services LLC Encore Repair