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PPC Broadband Inc
PPC Broadband, Inc
DQS Inc.
ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)
DL 32.2
PPC’s Quality Management System encompasses product engineering and development, materials produced internally or procured externally, and all associated supporting functions and services. PPC’s products include: RF connectors, filters/amplifiers, coaxial cable, jumpers, audio/video/security products, House box / fiber box, pole hardware and consumer cables. Also included, all associated installation tooling.
The sales, marketing, design, manufacturing, support and distribution of telecommunications interconnects including Fiber optic cables, cable assemblies, Passive Optical Devices Optical Subassemblies and Enclosures.
Wei Liu
Muhammed Haris

Jeremy McKinnis

Company Information

PPC Broadband, Inc

6176 E Molloy Rd
East Syracuse
NY 13057
United States

Profile Locations
NameAddressCityState/ProvinceZip/Postal CodeCountryDate First Certified
Total No. of Locations = 2
PPC Broadband, Inc. 6176 E. Molloy Road
East Syracuse NY 13057 United States 2010-09-19
PPC Broadband, Inc. 6712 Kinne St
East Syracuse NY 13057 United States 2020-08-23

Product Categories
Product Category IDNameDate First Certified Fiber Optic Cable 2021-08-06 Enclosures 2021-08-06 Manual Cross Connect Systems 2021-08-06
8.3 Cable Assemblies 2018-09-06 Passive Optical Devices 2021-08-06 Optical Subassemblies 2021-08-06

Not Applicable Requirements
Adder NoDescriptionDate First Certified
8.3.2.C.5 Integration Planning 2018-09-06
8.3.2.HS.1 Configuration Management Planning 2020-08-23
8.3.2.HS.2 Product Computing Resources 2018-09-06
8.3.2.HS.4 Migration Planning 2020-08-23
8.3.3.C.3 Requirements Allocation 2020-08-23
8.3.4.HS.3 System Testing 2018-09-06
8.3.6.C.3 Problem Resolution Configuration Management 2020-08-23
8.5.1.C.1 Product and Service Delivery 0208-09-06

Exemptions No Exemptions