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Registration Name
Company Name
TL 1004 ABB Power Electronics Inc ABB Electrification Products - Embedded and DC Power Systems
TL 6754 American Portwell Technology American Portwell Technology
TL 6288 AzureWave Technologies (Shanghai) Inc. AzureWave Technologies, Inc AzureWave Technologies (Shanghai) Inc.
TL 6558 caswell CASWELL,INC.
TL 7270 Chicony Power Technology (Thailand) Co,.Ltd. Chicony Power Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
TL 7000 Delta Electronics (Dong Guan) Co.,Ltd (Plant 2) Delta Electronics Power(Dong Guan)Co.,Ltd
TL 3818 DongGuan Leader Electronics Inc. DongGuan Leader Electronics Inc.
TL 5849 Shenzhen GrenTech RF Communication Ltd./Shenzhen GrenTech Incorporated Company Shenzhen GrenTech Incorporated Company/Shenzhen Grentech science and technology co. LTD
TL 6385 Shenzhen Suplet Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Suplet Co., Ltd.
TL 7176 Sichuan AI-Link Technology Co., Ltd. Sichuan AI-Link Technology Co., Ltd.
TL 6657 SuZhou LZY Technology.CO.,LTD SuZhou LZY Technology.CO.,LTD
TL 3569 Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd
TL 4247 Universal Scientific Industrial(Shanghai)Co,.Ltd Universal Scientific Industrial (SH)Co.,Ltd