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Group O Marketing Solutions
Group O Marketing Solutions
ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)
K 74.8
The distribution and warehousing of packaging material, packaging equipment and service parts. The start-up and servicing of packaging machines and equipment. 3rd Party Logistics including distribution and warehousing, kitting, packing of product, light assembly, IPS (Indirect Purchasing Services) and the provision of integrated marketing services which includes incentive marketing, coupon/rebate administration, loyalty and continuity programs, call center services, direct mail, e-commerce, print personalization, fulfillment, distribution and product inspection and sorting activities.
The provision of telecommunications based and web-based customer support and customer Call Center and Management of OEM Mobile equipment to Inventory and Third-Party Logistic Services
Jeff Harland
Jeff Harland

Patrick Roberts

Jamie Drake

Juana Rivera

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Group O Marketing Solutions

4905 77th Ave.
IL 61264
United States

Profile Locations
NameAddressCityState/ProvinceZip/Postal CodeCountryDate First Certified
Total No. of Locations = 5
Group O Milan 4905 4905 77th Ave.
Milan IL. 61264 United States 2002-05-15
Group O York 2901 2901 Black Bridge Road
York PA 17406 United States 2021-02-18
Group O Fort Worth 13500 13500 Independence Parkway
Fort Worth Texas 76177 United States 2010-12-10
Group O Fort Worth 2101 2101 Eagle Pkwy
Fort Worth TX 76177 United States 2021-02-18
Group O Roanoke 800 800 Henrietta Creek Rd
Roanoke Tx 76262 United States 2014-05-29

Product Categories
Product Category IDNameDate First Certified
7.5.2 End-Customer Support Services 2005-05-15 Logical Services, Third Party 2010-12-10

Not Applicable Requirements
Adder NoDescriptionDate First Certified
8.3 Design and development of products and services 2018-07-15

Exemptions No Exemptions