R5.7 Outage Measurements Course

This 2 hour program provides an overview of the TL 9000 Outage Measurements for auditors of TL 9000 5.7. The program is intended for learners who will be working with the TL 9000 Outage Measurements and/or are planning to attend the QuEST Forum sanctioned TL 9000 QMS Auditing or Implementation Classes. Participants will gain understanding of the outage measurements requirements with respect to TL 9000 registration scope, and apply audit requirements for outage measurements that are in line with the QuEST Forum's intent. This course provides a basic overview of the Outage Measurements associated with TL 9000, and measurements auditing in the complete Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Key Session Topics: Specific counting rules and normalization of Outage Measurements; Typical objective evidence required to show compliance with counting rules and normalization requirements of Outage Measurements; Relation of Outage Measurements to continual improvement. Who Should Participate: This course is a prerequisite for registrar auditors attending the TIA QuEST Forum sanctioned TL 9000 QMS Auditing Class; This course is a prerequisite for implementers attending the QuEST Forum sanctioned TL 9000 QMS Implementation Class, where reporting outage measurements is within the scope of registration; Auditors needing a full knowledge of TL 9000 Outage Measurements; Consultants; Internal auditors; ISO 9001/QS-9000-trained auditors wishing to expand their credentials; Anyone who will be performing third-party registration audits to TL 9000. Approximately 2 hours


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