TL 9000 Requirements Handbook (Release 6.3) Single User w/o ISO text

This is a single user electronic copy of the Requirements Release 6.3 without ISO text handbook watermarked with the purchasers name and will be emailed to the email address entered on the e-shop order. This handbook is the definitive guide for implementing a quality management system. It contains ten sections, a glossary and a reference. The number of specific TL 9000 requirements are indicated in parentheses in this outline.

  • Foreword – A note on the TL 9000 Quality Management System
  • Preface – Explanation of QuEST Forum's goal in creating and using TL 9000
  • Acknowledgements – A list of the companies and people who participated in the development of this Handbook.
  • Section 1: Introduction – Lists the goals of TL 9000, states the purpose of TL 9000, benefits of implementation, relationship to ISO 9001 and other requirements, explains how the TL 9000 handbooks are developed and maintained, and defines the effective date of use.
  • Section 2: Structure – Defines the structure of the handbook and terminology used.
  • Section 3: TL 9000 administration – Defines the scope of registration including options and required documentation, migration path from other standards, how registrations can be publicized, how registrars are qualified, how accreditation bodies are recognized, responsibilities of certification bodies, training information and information resources.
  • Section 4: Context of the organization (2) – Contains requirements covering understanding the organization and its context, understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties, determining the scope of the quality management system, and the quality management system itself.
  • Section 5: Leadership (1) – Topics include general requirement of management, customer focus including communication methods and quality policy.
  • Section 6: Planning (4) – Defines requirements for actions to address risks and opportunities; planning including quality objectives, customer input, supplier input, and long and short term quality planning.
  • Section 7: Support (12) – Covers resources including business continuity planning, personnel, infrastructure and its security, environment for the operation of processes, monitoring and measuring of resources, measurement traceability, and organizational knowledge; competence, various aspects of training, and operator qualification; quality awareness; communication; and documented information.
  • Section 8: Operation (57) –Extensive information about operational planning and control including life-cycle model; requirements for products and services covering customer communication, requirements determination and review, and changes to requirements: design and development planning including project plans, risk management, test planning, integration planning, configuration management, product computing, development process measurement, migration planning, design and development inputs, controls, and outputs; control of externally provided processes, products, and services; production and service provision including delivery, periodic retesting, testing content and frequency, property belonging to customers or external providers: preservation including ESD protections, packaging and labeling, deterioration, installation, operational changes, software used in service delivery, tool changes, identification and traceability, software virus protection, postdelivery activities, and control of changes: release of products and services including inspection and test documentation; and control of nonconforming outputs.
  • Section 9: Performance evaluation (6) – Requirements for monitoring, measurement, analysis, evaluation and customer satisfaction; internal audit; and management review.
  • Section 10: Improvement (2) – Requirements for corrective action and continual improvement.
  • Glossary – Definitions of 36 terms
  • ISO 9000:2015 Defined Terms – A list of ISO terms with references to their definitions

Bibliography and End References – List of 9 references relevant to the R6.3 Quality Management System Requirements Handbook


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